MSB: Under Construction

May 8, 2013:

After several months of reoptimizing, minimizing, renovating and so on (every aspect inside/outside & hardware/software), things are well on track here at the germplasm factory. Only roughly 10% of the inventory is currently up and available to click on, but hopefully by months end that should be hammered down to finally start getting new stuff regularly without totally overwhelming the to-do backlog. When all is well running, typically about 15 new types of germplasms and products per week were the norm last year. By fall that figure should be at least doubled. All in due time.

Getting the stuff in, pre-packing, and then listing into the site here takes time. But here, unlike at eBay, once a listing is made it stays up until I say so with whatever quantities I have being set without the absurd time-killer game of shifting item amounts around, with everything at a constant minimum, thus ensuring always having to screw around checking quanities, relisting the same items over and over (the most cumbersome pain once you start getting into hundreds of different items) etc while being screwed out of money via hidden costs and new monthly hurdle & hoop caviats to jump through.

If you ordered from the old eBay store and there was some problem with your order, and you didn’t pull back a refund, please contact me directly and we’ll get that taken care of, plus bonuses for your trouble (standard policy).