Help has finally arrived!!!

JUNE AUTO-RESPONSE: Great news! MSB is finally an actual “we” instead of just I alone. “Tarah” has joined the outfit this second week of June. Her creds are more than could be hoped for, likewise she shows great eagerness and the awesome kind of attitude that in ‘this world’ is a must. She’ll be training this week on this ops framework and methods, and then will have her focus on working off the front end of the orders list so I can finally work off and clear out the nooks and cracks throughout backend. Considerable efforts/resources have gone into revamping certain details and layouts so newcomers could have a hope of navigating the place. The perfect system out there is finally team future-thoughtfully solid. The past week I’ve been putting the finishing touches while having to ‘civilize’ this place for having another around all the time, but will now be going back clearing out the missed emails…

It’s been just impossible most of this year to do the post-Winter reboot while handling all incoming orders while also clearing out the (often challenging) orders from behind. The latter often comes down to Paypal cases which then have them take forever to complete the process (either way). The duties of Spring also bring along ongoing pre-Summer embracing’s as was so brutally learned the hard way last year. It barely rained during last years July-August, while I was running my then new little plant ‘grid array’. Despite being the ‘perfect’ little plant containment setup, I hadn’t yet run it a full year let alone full sun. It required full shade fabric across the site but I couldn’t afford such then had it been so clear to me it was needed. The result was over half the stuff was beat to hell, much of it smoked completely, while the remainder actually grew TOO well way larger than usual shipping sizes (which drove up the output costs on a already scorched earth budget).

SHADE FABRIC IS ALREADY HERE! It’s ready to hang up over the green/hothouse framing that went up in February. The plastic came down over a month ago. Its was smoking hot in there hitting like 100 degrees each day despite increasing vent flaps cut.
SPACE: The one major obfuscation long running, but hardly mentioned here has been space. A couple months ago I was down to a couple-few various 1′ foot paths. Totally cram packed! But last month I did a major demo job on the fruit yard, dug up and relocated some massive jungle plant specimens and have literally doubled the ‘grid’ space. Couldn’t even kind of organize the little plant then, but its wide open for the rest f the year now!

GINGER FAMILY PLANT ORDERS: Just in the past several weeks did the bulk of the ginger & turmeric types start breaking winter dormancy. Not even keeping them ‘broiling’ in the “hothouse” since Feb. end it sooner. They even go dormant in Hawaii many I know of! We’ll finally be able to clear out all the orders very soon that were held up because of the dormancy issue. If you’re a fan of this category stayed tuned probably around the end of summer the species/cultivar list should be in the 20-30 types range.

CHEM ORDERS: The inventory is mostly all rock solid (and has been), but sized packs count was all spotty, sample pack array depleted, the lab a wreck from all the outside focus, etc. It’s all cleared up in here now, ready to jam!