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Decentralized Urban Farming

from: Our food system is extremely centralized;  Services like BK Farmyards, LandShare, hyperlocavore and Sharing Backyards use social media and Google maps to connect urban landowners with urban farmers. But this is just scratching the surface, an entire alternative agriculture system is emerging that’s based on local production, processing, and distribution. Farm Hack from farmrun on Vimeo. FarmHack is an open-source, online platform […]

Selection of spices . The Spice Bazaar , Istanbul , Turkey

The Deep Spectrum Methodology

Different ingredients offer different flavor profiles. Certain ingredients combine to achieve ‘explosive‘ synergistic results in Intense depths of flavor. Different forms of ingredients offer different flavor profiles, so the argument is that in using as many different forms of each ingredient in a recipe offers the most intense depths of flavor. The best example perhaps […]

Myco Roots: Mycorrhiza Optimization is a symbiotic (generally mutualistic, but occasionally weakly pathogenic) association between a fungus and the roots of a vascular plant. In a mycorrhizal association, the fungus colonizes the host plant’s roots, either intracellularly as in arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF or AM), or extracellularly as in ectomycorrhizal fungi. They are an important component of soil life and soil chemistry. Awesome Myco Roots! MYCORRHIZAE IS PLANTS BEST FRIEND Videos from: BUY: Myco-Madness


Cooking with Military-Grade (HOT) Peppers

The pepper used in this cooking experiment was the Moruga Trinidad Red Habanero Chinense Pepper SAFETY WARNING: We want to be careful not to touch the specimen.  It is dripping with Capsaicin … here we use two knives to carefully dice the pepper into small pieces for cooking in oil. Oh look, we found a seed.  Wonder […]

baby green anole 036

Baby Green Anole

  The site is now producing baby Green Anoles. Green’s are Florida native lizards, while the very competitive brown Cuban lizards are the only ones you typically encounter here anymore. But as it turns out the greens are still around, there are just far less of them than before, and the remainder live high up […]

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