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Last Updated: Dec. 11 2014

Receiving Your Live Plants:
You’ll usually want to have some nail clippers or electronics “nippy cutters” on hand to remove the clips (scissors wont work very good at all for this). Open immediately, remove any clips and loosen or remove any bags (wrap styles vary by type/specimen). The initial ‘decompression’ concerns are getting some light onto the leaves (NOT full direct hot sun), and both getting the roots moist (if needed) & making sure the roots can breathe well. Most perennial plants can have their roots jostled a bit so in case the soil is looking packed or mushy you’ll want to try to shake a little and loosen them up (not always relevant). Most of the plants here can deal fine with heat, but don’t expect any live plant just out from very dark possibly cramped shipping to endure going straight unto full direct sun not for a few days at least.

What Are These Little Free Sample Packet Things?
Now most seed, plant & chem orders ship with free plant biostimulant / PGR sample packets, like the seed orders have always included GA3. They’re easy to use, and tend to go a long way. Now finally a guide is ready to shopw you how: How To Use The Free PGR Samples

In general expect that without immediately initiating a return process upon receipt there will not be one. The nature of majority of the inventory here leaves little other viable options (a lot of things can die, or cannot be resold again).

-Live Plants: If you’re trying to return plants (for any reason) they’ll need to go back out in the next days mail. If there is a refund concern you’ll need to email photos of the issue the same night it arrives. Even though its not too often DOA’s are reported, we cannot afford any more refunds on plants left for days in out in hot mailboxes. Please send clear photos that are easily discernible to help us diagnose. With hardy perennials sometimes they might look hurt, but there’s a good chance they are still perfectly alive (even if left in the mailbox for several days). Regular growers of annual plants would cringe at half the stuff that gets done to various portions of perennials during the various propagation processes that go on here, so if its a perennial and might look raggedy odds are they will be just fine once re-established. Beyond that we don’t have too many dead plant problems so should have no problem helping out anything that might happen, but please spare us months of credit card reversal drama over stuff long ago shipped. The policy was and is to send refund concerns the same day otherwise we must assume later-on deaths were the growers fault as we’re not in the habit of sending out ‘germplasms’ we’re not confident will survive and grow fine with at least somewhat proper care.

Seeking Native & Other Seed Traders:
If you have seeds you can properly identify then odds are you can send them in to trade for other seeds or plants.
Requirements are:
1. A valid plant ID.
2. Photo(s) of the source specimen(s). For confirmation and to display as item photo(s).
3. Collection date & Location data (zipcode, etc). Would also appreciate soil type data if possible. A goal is to start establishing lineages with adaption type data, where buyers will be able to select from different seed sources to best suit their local conditions.
4. Amounts that will be enough to break down into seed pack amounts (i.e. 500+). This is sure to vary depending on the plant, the size of the seeds, normal associated viability, etc.

Email first to After agreement confirmation you’ll be mailing to Mass Spectrum Botanicals, 704 E Norfolk St. Tampa, FL 33604, USA.

Make sure all the related information is written and included in the package, including how you’d want your ‘name’ to appear (company names are acceptable). If these are seeds from cultivation (peppers, etc) certain specifics are required about what other possible cross-pollinators that might weaken the cultivar solidarity genetics of your seeds. If you send ‘bad’ genetics, this can create a cascade of problems, so you wont be able to trade here again. Only similar shipping costs will be covered (if you want heavy items in return you might have to cover the shipping cost difference). Live plants, bulbs, etc are also of interest. This arrangement also being offered to international botanists.

International Shipping Fee Schedule:
Click here.

Free Gibberellic Acid Samples:
For clarification, you get one free sample per order that includes seeds, not one sample per seed unit ordered.

Hitchhiker Potentialists:
See the list of common fauna to look out for.

“Hydroponics-Ready” Live Plants:
Many of the ‘live plants’ come in disposable “Hydroponics-Ready” ‘pots’. These are made of plastic, and can be cut away, or in many cases they can be dropped right into your soil or hydroponic / aquaponic interface. This packaging methodology was developed specifically to facilitate the store wide unlimited combined shipping no matter what array of products you might want to order.

If you’re due anything from the former Ebay efforts of 2012, please contact immediately with details of anything missing from your order, or orders that never arrived (assuming you weren’t refunded).

Domestic U.S. Shipping: The minimum shipping fee is $6. The maximum shipping fee is $6. It’s that simple. It has taken extensive practice and planning combined to achieve these rates, while striving to also being the most competitively priced per item supplier online.

International Shipping: Right now the site software can’t properly tabulate international orders, in conjunction with the unlimited combined shipping system developed for domestic orders. The checkout system will charge a flat rate of $6. Once your order is in it will be hand prepared, and then weighed and you will be sent the exact amount it’ll cost (plus Paypal fees), minus the shipping you paid at checkout. Then you’ll have to Paypal me the remainder of the balance. This is only temporary, I must pay and upgrade the sites shipping widget.

Tampa Locals: You automatically enjoy 20% off all prices herein. Trading is sought after, so any plants or seeds you have (that the operation doesn’t currently possess) will get proper equal trade value and if you can offer perpetual inventory for germplasm’s of any cultivar not currently being produced all the better. From the beginning MSB has been powered by Tampa small businesses, and ideally all that can benefit from the scope herein will all get a mutually beneficial stake in this that we can each grow with.

Mail Order Buyers: If you email us photos of how your package arrives, for orders that include live plants and/or recalcitrant seeds, you’ll receive at least one free live plant / germplasm in your next order. For the most part nearly zero negative feedback has been reported, and shipments to friends with detailed arrival results over the phone have been 100% effective in successful live plant delivery, but MSB strives for perfection and only in seeing exactly how our latest methods truly perform can such be achieved. The photos we’re in need of are the view of once the box is opened or contents slide out, and if necessary (with many stuffed items) the live plants are spread out to be able to see the state of each plant / germplasm as separated via our wrapping methods.

Retailers: If you own a retail chain or establishment and would like to see any of our products built for retail packaging & store requirements please contact directly with your specifications & insights. Currently under development are several product lines for stores between hydroponic horticulture and even gun shops, so get in touch to see how we might augment your income.

Trade Partners / Purchasing Agents / Liaisons: If you’re a U.S. horticulture industry producer or professional, with perpetual inventory products to offer, contact us directly to discuss potential trade partner alliance benefits and/or distribution offers. If you live elsewhere and the above applies, or would like to earn income by simply going grocery shopping, read on: MSB seeks to set roots into every nation (including states in the U.S.) and every climate zone / agricultural & ecological hotspot therein across the world, in the quest to make available to the world every ethnobotanical species & cultivar the world has to offer.

The nature of most products herein coupled with a pricing ethic that strives to be the most competitive in the world across the board (based on quantity & quality vs. at-the-time market value), products don’t typically offer returns. Many products (chemicals, herbs) cannot and would not be resold upon return. Many seeds are pointless time-wise to recount them for restocking. Returning live plants doubles the chance they’ll be dead by the time they get back here. Cacti and stiff bodied succulents can be returned. Tools and other non-perishable & non-contamination-prone items can be returned (i.e. not gelatin pill capsules). With the low prices, especially with live plants, typically the shipping could cost more than the income from the order. Therefore to maintain an affordable & sustainable business model, in most cases if you pay the shipping fees for the re-shipment you’ll get a replacement shipment sent out. Limited quantity for-the-year live plants don’t apply, but we should have something that can satisfy instead (some plants simply wont survive in certain environments, not even indoors unless with specific artificial climatic specs). To get free reshipment’s / replacements please follow the free-product for package-photos section above.

DOMESTIC SHIPPING RATES: Unlimited combined shipping costs $6 flat rate. Orders will generally be shipped via Priority Mail. Orders containing live plants will never ship on Thursday, very rarely Friday but sometimes on Saturday. Monday through Wednesday is the general shipping schedule for live plant orders.

Express shipping is available starting at $25. Direct contact for service and exact quote (based on USPS flat rate packaging).

Currently under construction is the integration of new USPS int’l shipping rates into the website’s software shipping tabulation system. At this time if your order is over 1 ounce (28 grams) you’ll need to directly Paypal the remainder (you’ll be notified the added fees via email). The $6 the checkout process will force you pay pay is less than what it costs us to ship an empty envelope via USPS.

Express shipping is available starting at $57. Direct contact for service and exact quote (based on USPS flat rate packaging).

You the Buyer are responsible for knowing your local customs laws and restrictions. It is literally impossible for anyone to know every rule and restriction for every possible product within U.S. & int’l jurisdiction on Planet Earth. For Int’l buyers this means if Customs seizes / steals your package MSB isn’t responsible. The best is done to ensure you’ll get your package hastily and honestly, and wont ship something if it’s already known to be prohibited and would at the very least pose a gamble on your investment.

At this time all but a few packages out of over 1,000 haven’t eventually arrived at their int’l destinations (across most of the different nations across the globe). Over 300 different types of plants, seeds, chemicals, ‘medicines’, herbal products, plant phytohormones and even electronics have all successfully made delivery from here so far but MSB cannot be financially penalized if something doesn’t pass or is stolen by customs. U.S. tracking tracks our packages to the U.S. exit port, only, but for international tracking Express Mail is required which carries a $55 flat rate as the cheapest option.


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