Over the past couple years, during this most trying start-up phase, there have certainly been some orders caught up in undue delay. Without getting into the plethora of causes / reasons / obfuscations / hurdles / etc, would prefer to cut to the point here. In the pursuit of the good will this effort was always supposed to be about, have decided to treat those long wronged as ‘investors’. Am always trying to think of creative freebies and things for such cases, but quite common free / extra stuff going into orders is rather routine. The fact is this place, these methods, this wonderful city are full of bounty and this place is often in overload with quite a few things. Such over load is often times one of the delay mechanisms (when you have a big pile of cuttings etc you MUST deal with them or they all die, for instance). Despite such ‘no germplasm left behind’ efforts, tons of stuff still eats it regularly (of course the staff shortage crisis that has been perpetual would tie into those angles/losses like all the rest).

It’s ironic that before the MSB site was even launched there was this plan for an ‘investment seed-banking’ component designed to help keep the rent paid, keep the procurement budget going, etc. But it had started off so unstable, so desperate in short time, that there was never the right time to do it. Now here we are and a bunch of stuff is owed. There’s some deep cracks to be cleaned out. And they will all be paid, but just just finally fixing some old thing isn’t good enough.

What is being offered is access to the excesses this op provides, basically at cost (shipping fees being covered being the primary concern).

The under-staffed crisis will be solved soon. But at the moment it still isn’t. Getting the right person in here a serious chore of a hurdle not fully anticipated. So far it’s been mostly a waste of time (the HR portions in particular). Building this complex living breathing variation machine into a hyper-organized / labelled / etc array that will be reasonable to navigate for any new staffer has helped make the seasonal (live plant) reboot extra challenging. But soon this will all pay off. Delayed orders will be history very soon. 100 hours per week for one person simply isn’t nearly enough to run all of these details. Comms often gets sidelined keeping it all breathing. All manner of ordeals and crisis throughout the year can mean all shipping gets stalled for days, sometimes even weeks (for one single person). That will all end soon, too.

Right now things are backed up. But soon they wont be. The post-Winter reboot is about complete, the place is uber-organized for efficiency, and soon help will be here. The actual deployment of all this unique will surely be spotty until then.

For now you will find your ‘investor login’ in your order if you qualify. Later will look further into the old bookeeping to find others deserving, but if you feel you more than qualify send an email with the subject line as “INVESTED”.

Later the old “investment seed-banking” model will begin proper dfevelopment & integration, and it will be unlike just about anything done before it. The angles long ago planned, alone, are to be truly exciting…


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