Annatto (Bixa oreleana) seeds detail, in mm
03-GIBBERELLIC free sampleAnnatto (Bixa oreleana) seeds detail, in mm

ANNATTO (Bixa orellana)


Annatto, sometimes called roucou or achiote, is derived from the seeds of the achiote trees of tropical and subtropical regions around the world. The seeds are sourced to produce a carotenoid-based yellow to orange food coloring, oil and flavor. This fast growing species usually requires trimming to get down to the usual approx. 10″ size that the standard ‘$6 Unlimited Combined Shipping’ plant prices are designed for. CHOICE Shipping Upgrade recommended.

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Seed & Planting Data:
Seed Type:
-Seed Weight:
-Plant Type:
Heirloom: n/a
-Hybrid: n/a
-GMO: n/a
-Soil pH:
-Seed Planting Depth: 1″
-Seed Spacing:
-Seeds For Acre Coverage: 200
-Seeds For Hectare Coverage: 500
-Soil Temp. For Germination:
-Special Germination Instructions:
-Germination Booster Chemicals:
-Expected Germination Rate:
-Days to Germination:
-Ideal Temp. Conditions:
-Water Usage:
-Ideal Crop Season:
-Plant Spacing After Thinning (rows/hills):
-Special Uses:
Cold Hardiness:
Pest Threats: Plant is very hardy in nature and is not attacked by any pest or disease of serious nature
Disease Threats:
-Special Soil Requirements:
-Fertilizer Requirements:
-Ability To Compete With Weeds:
-Pollen Cross Contamination Risk:
-Days To Harvest:
-Seed Harvesting Methods:
-Harvest Yield:
-Self Seed-ability:
Seed Pests:
-Seed Shelf Life:
-Food Safety:
-Propagation: seeds or stem cuttings
-Nutrition (seed):

Annatto Research Data Links:
Dave’s Garden – Extension – Floridata – Google Scholar – PFAF – – USDA – Wikipedia


Plant Germplasm (definition): Any portion of genetic material that can be grown into a live plant. Examples include seeds, stem cuttings (via many methods including air layering), root cuttings, root divisions (multiplication via division), leaf cuttings, leaf fragments (in tissue culture), rooted nodes (vines), “eyes” (offshoots from potato tubers), cacti pieces, etc. The term germplasm can also be used to describe a collection of genetic resources for an organism such as as a seed collection or, for trees, a nursery. MASS SPECTRUM BOTANICALS (Tampa, Florida): Germplasm Factory - Micronursery - Commercial Seed Bank Areas of Intent & Expertise: >Custom heirloom vegetable seed vaults. >Live Plants of a useful nature (exotic fruits, tactical landscaping plants, etc.). >Plant growth hormone regulators (PGR's) and other Plant Biostimulants. >Rare edible perennial jungle plants (green leafy vegetable year round tropical plants). >Drought tolerant edible landscape xeriscaping. >Complimentary Cancer Survival medicinal plants; >Cutting edge skin, weight & diabetes health targeting. >Laboratory-spec seed sprouting, germination & vegetative propagation kits. >Advanced horticultural science. >Ethnobotanical supplies. >Isolated herbal extracts. Pure & technical grade chemicals (powders, salts & crystals). >Tissue Culture laboratory research supplies. >Antibiotics for fish, bird, cat, dog, reptile, horse, marine, swine, chicken &  invertebrate care. >Aquarium, aquaculture, hydroponic, aquaponic & pet terrarium supplies. >Bioremediation / phytoremediation environmental solutions for the natural cleanup of toxic / nuclear waste spill / contamination. >Seeking to Buy / Sell / Trade. Seeking trade partners, suppliers and purchasing agents worldwide.

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50+ Seeds, 1,000+ Seeds, 1 Live Plant (2″⬜ rootball/pot), 1 Live Plant (3.5″⬜ pot), Shipping Upgrade: CHOICE, Shipping Upgrade: HEAT Packs (2)

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