Chlomequat Chloride
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Chlormequat Chloride (CCC) 98%


Chlormequat Chloride (CCC) is a gibberelin antagonist (inhibitor) analog of Paclobutrazol (PBZ) & Mepiquat Chloride (MC). Both PBZ & CCC are banned for use in all food industries related plants, while MC is approved for use in at least Grapes.


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Product Description

Paclobutrazol (PBZ):
PBZ was used for a spell in several high end (HIGH cost) plant yield enhancer products such as Bushload, Flower Dragon, Gravity and Phosphoload (generally without even being listed as an ingredient on the labels). It turns out, in the U.S., its banned for use in non-ornamental plant cultivation, for a variety of established health concerns. While MC isn’t a PGR with an established record across a vast array of agricultural plants, perhaps mainly due to its effects only being profoundly useful within certain crops, unlike PBZ, evaluation by the EPA has decreed “that mepiquat chloride is of low chronic toxicity and that it is negative for mutagenic effects”. So while it is most commonly used in cotton fiber cultivation, it hasn’t been banned in products to be consumed by humans either. Considering that PBZ truly is a remarkable substance in plant growth research, we’re excited to offer this proper analog that isn’t exceedingly unsafe to handle or use.

Chlormequat Chloride Research Data Links:
EPA – FDA – Google Scholar – MSDS – RxList – PubChem – PubMed – WebMD – Wikipedia

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Unlock Full Throttle Growth Boosting!
All plants regulate their growth, development, and behavior by Plant Growth Regulator (PGR) Hormones, which in most cases move through the plant from one part to another. Fertilizer provides fuel for plants to grow, but doesn't force them to do so. Hormonal signaling dictates the the plant to do so, and the fertilizer is like the 'gasoline' fuel (energy) to carry out such signaling.Think of it as fertilizer is the fuel, where hormones are the gas pedal (or brake pedal) of various plant growth characteristics.

By treating plants with PGR's you can not only alter the ways they grow, you can boost their growth at the same time. The reason is because it requires plant energy to synthecize these signaling phytohormone chemicals. This requires energies that during treatment spares the plants from needing to 'waste', meaning more of the energies the plants have access to are spent on the actual growth that the PGR's are signalling the plants to do.


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5 Gram Ziplock, 10 Gram Ziplock, 20mL Lab Vial (15+ Grams), 25 Gram Ziplock, 50 Gram Ziplock, 100 Gram Ziplock (inside Stack-able Tub), 500 Gram Ziplock, 1KG Foil / Mylar Bag, Basic PGR Toolkit, Deluxe PGR Toolkit

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