“In greenhouse and laboratory experiments, a plant bioregulator 2-diethylaminoethyl-3,4-dichlorophenylether (DCPTA) appears to have the potential for biochemical manipulation of plant growth. As compared with control plants, photosynthesis of DGPTA-treated plants was increased about 21%, and biomass was almost doubled. Moreover, DCPTA-treated plants had earlier flowering and more squares and bolls than did the control plants. Most noteworthy was the 36% increase in number of nodes: control plants averaged 10.5 nodes, whereas, DCPTA-treated plants had an average of 16.5 nodes.”Source

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We work extra hard to provide you with precise specifications and broad usage data. New PPM tables are generated for each batch of each chem. This is important because the weight per (scoop) volume and and exact purity differs between every batch. All chemicals have the scoop weight & purity printed on the labels. The printed scoop weight is based on the white scoop size (1/32 tsp.). As an exclusive service, buyers may request custom range PPM tables. Due to the lengths and ongoing growth of the chem guide's, printed instructions aren't generally included.

INCLUDED IN EVERY PGR ORDER: One mini white measure scooping spoon and one mini chemical mixing spatula.

CURRENT PGR SPECIALS: -U.S. PGR orders over $25 ship free via First Class by entering coupon code "PGR", or if you pay the standard shipping it will ship via Priority Mail. -All PGR orders include free chem sample(s).


Guide Last Updated: 2-25-14                                        NOTICE: This guide is under construction.

Converting DTA6 Between PPM / mg/l / % / mMol / µMol:


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1 Gram Ziplock Bag, 10 Gram Ziplock Bag, 12.5+ Grams (20mL Glass/PET Vial), 25 Gram Ziplock Bag, 50 Gram Ziplock Bag, 100 Gram Ziplock Bag, 100+ Gram Polypropylene Tub, 200+ Gram Polypropylene Tub, 350 Gram Polypropylene Tub, 1 lb. Polypropylene Tub, 500 Gram (.5KG) Ziplock Bag, 1000 Gram (1 KG) Foil/Mylar Bag

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