Rainbow Eucalyptus (E. deglupta) Live Plant Seedlings For Sale Mass Spectrum Botanicals
Rainbow Eucalytpus Deglupta seeds detail metric view – Mass Spectrum BotanicalsRainbow Eucalytpus Deglupta seeds seedlings sprouts – exacty 1 week after sowingRainbow Eucalytpus Deglupta seeds seedlings sprouts – about 2 weeks after sowingRainbow Eucalyptus (E. deglupta) Live Plant Seedlings For Sale Mass Spectrum BotanicalsGibberellic Acid (GA3) Gibberellin A3 Kitsrbuan old treeRainbow Eucalyptus (E. deglupta) foliage on a young plant couple months after transplant in cool season, they seem to really like lots of root spaceRainbow Eucalyptus (E. deglupta) meristem view on a young plant

Eucalyptus, RAINBOW (Eucalyptus deglupta)

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Over 1000 live plants are transplanted out into the inventory trays with 250+ per week being added.
-Now also using 5″ deep cell trays for about half of them. It’s clear now they really try to grow a taproot (which isn’t mandatory or singular), so these new deep cells should bring a good difference in new levels of quality.
*The deep cell format plants, and the combo packs should begin shipping in the beginning of May.
*A 35 plant limit per customer per month, except with 100 pack pre-orders (which should take take 6-8 weeks to ship; limit 10 per month).
*2″□ rootball potted plants tend go out at 8-12 in height.
*5″deep □ cell plant should be 12″+, and more costly here to handle & ship.


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50+ Live Seeds | 500+ Live Seeds | 2500+ Live Seeds | 10,000+ Live Seeds | 50,000+ Live Seeds | 250,000+ Live Seeds | 1,000,000+ Live Seeds | 1 Live Plant (2″□ rootball/pot) | 1 Live Plant (5″deep □ cell) | 1 Live Plant (3.5″□ pot) | 10 Plant Pack (2″□ rootball/pot) | 10 Plant Pack (5″deep □ cell) | 25 Plant Rack (2″□ rootball/pot) | 25 Plant Rack (5″deep □ cell) | 100 Plant Pre-Order (2″□ rootball/pot) | 100 Plant Pre-Order (5″deep □ cell) | Shipping Upgrade: CHOICE | Shipping Upgrade: HEAT PACKS (2)


Product Description


USES: Insect Repellant, Medicinal, Oil, Paper, Surreal Ornamental, Wood

One of the most highly sought after ornamental trees today, the fast growing Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree is surreal in appearance. As its thin bark constantly sheds in strips & patches what appears to be the entire color spectrum is in a constant display at random.

The smallish specimens on the grounds have been tolerating below 40°F quite a bit this first Winter working with them, with or without protection, just fine!

SEEDS: Are a bit larger than the size of dust. Seeds of this size are generally expert level, requiring the surface scatter method which doesn’t always yield the greatest germination numbers. LIVE PLANTS: IN STOCK AND MORE COMING IN BEHIND THEM PERPETUALLY!

This plant purports an incredible growth rate reportedly reaching up to 10′ per grow season, in South Florida. On the grounds, 2014 shall be an exciting year here seeing how well it manages to compete with our current top 3 growth rate plants: Moringa oleifera, Calea Dream Herb and Tree Marigold

Shipping Upgrades:
-CHOICE: Bigger box + choice select + less trimming = superior specimens normally not provided under the flat rate system.

We can ship out all year round, but that doesn’t mean we can ship to you. If you live in a FROZEN state and don’t want to wait until the thaw we can add heat packs. The parcel will also be wrapped / sealed  / taped more thoroughly than usual. For best results add on this upgrade for as many true tropical plants you order, or know that each upgrade unit will provide 2 heat packs to the parcel. If you only add 2 heat packs to a bigger order we can’t be held responsible if things die. A lot of stuff in the inventory can deal with being cold actually, but other stuff simply cannot. If you see this message then the order will be held until you thaw, unless you add heat packs (72 hour). Unless you have it shipped to your workplace (recommended), they might be labelled advising the USPS hold the parcel indoors at the Office for you to pick up (they may or may not actually do it).

Eucalyptus seed germination
Germination of a Eucalyptus Deglupta

Common Names:
Rainbow eucalyptus, deglupta, mindanao gum, amamanit, bagras, banikag, Dinglás, aren, galang, leda, kamarere

Scientific Names (Synonyms):
Eucalyptus binacag
Eucalyptus deglupta Blume
Eucalyptus multiflora A. Rich. ex A. Gray non Poir.
Eucalyptus naudiniana F. Muell.
Eucalyptus schlechteri Diels.

Rainbow Eucalyptus deglupta Research Data Links:
Dave’s Garden – Encyclopedia of Life – Extension – FlickrGoogle ScholarPhilippine Medicinal PlantsPlants of HawaiiPubMed – USDA – USDA Forest ServiceWikipediaWorld Agroforestry Centre

Plant Germplasm (definition): Any portion of genetic material that can be grown into a live plant. Examples include seeds, stem cuttings (via many methods including air layering), root cuttings, root divisions (multiplication via division), leaf cuttings, leaf fragments (in tissue culture), rooted nodes (vines), “eyes” (offshoots from potato tubers), cacti pieces, etc. The term germplasm can also be used to describe a collection of genetic resources for an organism such as as a seed collection or, for trees, a nursery. EXCLUSIVE: All live plants, bulbs and recalcitrant seeds are regularly inoculated with numerous strains of beneficial symbiotic mycorrhizal fungi & bacteria (listed below) essential for strong healthy plant roots. Generally this is one of the last aspects of horticultural science that gardeners learn about when it should be the first. Beneficial Ectomycorrhiza: Laccaria bicolor, Laccaria laccata, Pisiolithus tinctorius, Rhizopogon amylopogon, Rhizopogon fulvigleba, Rhizopogon luteolus, Rhizopogon roseolus, Rhizopogon subcaerulescens, Rhizopogon villosulus, Rhizopogon vulgaris, Scleroderma cepa, Scleroderma citrinni, Suillus granulatus, Suillus punctatepies Beneficial Endomycorrhiza: Gigaspora brasilianum, Gigaspora margarita, Gigaspora monosporum, Glomus aggregatum, Glomus clarum, Glomus deserticola, Glomus entunicatum, Glomus intraradices, Glomus monosporum, Glomus mosseae Beneficial Tricoderma: Trichoderma harzianum, Trichoderma koningii Beneficial Bacteria: Acidovorax facilis, Azotobacter chroococcum, Azotobacter polymxa, Bacillus azotoformans, Bacillus coagulans, Bacillus licheniformis, Bacillus megaterium, Bacillus pumilus, Bacillus stearothermophilus, Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus thuringiensis, Cellulomonas flavigena, Paenibacillus dorum, Paenibacillus florescence, Paenibacillus gordonae, Paenibacillus polymyxa, Psuedomonas aureofaceans, Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Most of these strains are available in water soluble form in "Myco Madness" (available here at M.S.B.).  MASS SPECTRUM BOTANICALS (Tampa, Florida): Germplasm Factory - Micronursery - Commercial Seed Bank Areas of Intent & Expertise: >Custom heirloom vegetable seed vaults. >Live Plants of a useful nature (exotic fruits, tactical landscaping plants, etc.). >Plant growth hormone regulators (PGR's) and other Plant Biostimulants. >Rare edible perennial jungle plants (green leafy vegetable year round tropical plants). >Drought tolerant edible landscape xeriscaping. >Complimentary Cancer Survival medicinal plants; >Cutting edge skin, weight & diabetes health targeting. >Laboratory-spec seed sprouting, germination & vegetative propagation kits. >Advanced horticultural science. >Ethnobotanical supplies. >Isolated herbal extracts. Pure & technical grade chemicals (powders, salts & crystals). >Tissue Culture laboratory research supplies. >Antibiotics for fish, bird, cat, dog, reptile, horse, marine, swine, chicken &  invertebrate care. >Aquarium, aquaculture, hydroponic, aquaponic & pet terrarium supplies. >Bioremediation / phytoremediation environmental solutions for the natural cleanup of toxic / nuclear waste spill / contamination. >Seeking to Buy / Sell / Trade. Seeking trade partners, suppliers and purchasing agents worldwide.


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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 4 x 2 x 1 cm
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50+ Live Seeds, 500+ Live Seeds, 2500+ Live Seeds, 10,000+ Live Seeds, 50,000+ Live Seeds, 250,000+ Live Seeds, 1,000,000+ Live Seeds, 1 Live Plant (2″□ rootball/pot), 1 Live Plant (5″deep □ cell), 1 Live Plant (3.5″□ pot), 10 Plant Pack (2″□ rootball/pot), 10 Plant Pack (5″deep □ cell), 25 Plant Rack (2″□ rootball/pot), 25 Plant Rack (5″deep □ cell), 100 Plant Pre-Order (2″□ rootball/pot), 100 Plant Pre-Order (5″deep □ cell), Shipping Upgrade: CHOICE, Shipping Upgrade: HEAT PACKS (2)

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