Lanolin Paste 20mL for PGR Experiments
Lanolin Paste 20mL for PGR Experiments

Lanolin Paste


A purified natural substance from sheep’s wool oil. Very sticky, and water proof making it good for specialized PGR applications where the elements would be a problem with other materials.

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Product Description

Lanolin Paste vs. Plant Growth Substances Dissolve Results Chart:

Another Mass Spectrum exclusive. In this initial release, basic solubility was the main objective. Full solution boils (i.e. 'Microwave Boil Trick'), or overnight soaks weren't generally attempted. Partial dissolve results data was included as more rigorous pursuits may yield you results. "Melt" results were exclusive to Triacontanol. In each case the melted substance reverted to solid form upon cooling, but its seems possible that applying a secondary solvent to the solution in its hot melted state may enable post-cool suspension in the solution thereby enabling plant bioavailability. "Reaction" means the substance bubbled inside the solvent or similar results (molecular breakdown). This was most common with VOC solvents with heat applied. When heating substances keep an eye for reactions in case we didn't notice them. Beyond all that, results may vary depending on substance batch or other variables. Stay tuned for future updates with more substances, solvents and more thorough methods...

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