Sapodilla (Manilkara zapota) Seeds & Fresh Fruit For Sale at Mass Spectrum Botanicals
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Sapote, SAPODILLA (Manilkara zapota)


Manilkara zapota, commonly known as the sapodilla, is a long-lived, evergreen tree native to southern Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. An example natural occurrence is in coastal Yucatán in the Petenes mangroves ecoregion, where it is a subdominant plant species. It was introduced to the Philippines during Spanish colonization. It is grown in huge quantities in India, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Mexico.

SEED ORDERS: These are big heavy fresh recalcitrant seeds that cant be allowed to dry out once removed from fruit. These seeds are effectively live plants and are handled as such.

WHOLE FRUIT ORDERS: Seasonal. Fruits are rather small & somewhat uniform, each with about 5 seeds. These seeds do have a shelf life but are best planted right away. About 6.5 pounds fit into a MFRBox and about 12 pounds into LFRBoxes, and USPS Priority Mail delivers most packages in 2 days.

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5 Live Seeds| 1 MFRB Fruits | 1 LFRB Fruits | 1 Live Plant Seedling


Product Description



  • Achradelpha mammosa (L.) O.F.Cook
  • Achras breviloba (Gilly) Lundell
  • Achras calderonii (Gilly) Lundell
  • Achras conzattii (Gilly) Lundell
  • Achras coriacea Lundell
  • Achras cosaguico La Llave
  • Achras dactylina Lundell
  • Achras gaumeri (Gilly) Lundell
  • Achras latiloba Lundell
  • Achras lobulata (Lundell) Lundell
  • Achras lucuma Blanco
  • Achras mammosa L. nom. illeg.
  • Achras meridionalis (Gilly) Lundell
  • Achras occidentalis Cels ex Ten.
  • Achras paludosa Lundell
  • Achras petenensis (Lundell) Lundell
  • Achras rojasii (Gilly) Lundell
  • Achras sapatilla J.Paul & W.Arnold
  • Achras sapota f. asperma M.Gómez
  • Achras sapota var. candollei Pierre
  • Achras sapota var. globosa Stokes
  • Achras sapota var. lobata (A.DC.) Pierre
  • Achras sapota var. ovalis Stokes
  • Achras sapota var. pedicellaris Pierre
  • Achras sapota var. sphaerica (A.DC.) Pierre
  • Achras striata (Gilly) Lundell
  • Achras tabogaensis (Gilly) Lundell
  • Achras tainteriana Lundell
  • Achras tchicomame Perr.
  • Achras verrucosa Stokes
  • Achras zapota L.
  • Achras zapota var. major Jacq.
  • Achras zapota var. zapotilla Jacq.
  • Achras zapotilla (Jacq.) Nutt.
  • Calocarpum mammosum (L.) Pierre
  • Calospermum mammosum (L.) Pierre
  • Gambeya mammosa (L.) Pierre
  • Lucuma mammosa (L.) C.F.Gaertn.
  • Lucuma zapota (L.) Urb.
  • Lucuma zapota var. anguai Rojas Acosta
  • Manilkara achras (Mill.) Fosberg
  • Manilkara breviloba Gilly
  • Manilkara calderonii Gilly
  • Manilkara conzattii Gilly
  • Manilkara gaumeri Gilly
  • Manilkara grisebachii (Pierre) Dubard
  • Manilkara meridionalis Gilly
  • Manilkara rojasii Gilly
  • Manilkara sapota (L.) Van Royen
  • Manilkara striata Gilly
  • Manilkara tabogaensis Gilly
  • Manilkara zapotilla (Jacq.) Gilly
  • Manilkariopsis lobulata Lundell
  • Manilkariopsis meridionalis (Gilly) Lundell
  • Manilkariopsis petenensis Lundell
  • Manilkariopsis rojasii (Gilly) Lundell
  • Manilkariopsis striata (Gilly) Lundell
  • Manilkariopsis tabogaensis (Gilly) Lundell
  • Mimusops grisebachii Pierre
  • Nispero achras (Mill.) Aubrév.
  • Pouteria mammosa (L.) Cronquist
  • Sapota achras Mill.
  • Sapota zapotilla (Jacq.) Coville ex Safford
  • Vitellaria mammosa (L.) Radlk.
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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 4 x 2 x 1 cm

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