Pereskiopsis spathulata hairy type close up
Pereskiopsis spathulata hairy type close upPereskiopsis spathulata – hairy type

PERESKIOPSIS (Pereskiopsis spathulata)


This succulent plant is the most revered in the world for grating cactus seedlings to usher rapid growth rates.

This is a very durable tropical plant. It’s well suited for xeriscaping and international shipping.

Ordering Options:
1 Live Plant Cutting (3-6″) | 1 Rooted Plant (2″ rootball)


Product Description

Common Names:
Alfilerillo, Patilon

Pereskia spathulata, Opuntia spathulata, Pereskia higuerana, Rhodocactus higueranus, Pereskiopsis diguetii

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1 Live Plant Cutting (3-6″), 1 Rooted Plant (2″ rootball)

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