xIMG_4342xIMG_4296xIMG_432 0xIMG_4345TWD TradeWinds ASPS-02 Disposable Antistatic Polypropylene Sample Transfer Scoop, 3-7 mg Capacity, Medium, Green Micro8TWD TradeWinds ASPS-03 Disposable Antistatic Polypropylene Sample Transfer Scoop, 8-12 mg Capacity, Medium, Blue4Plastic 1/32 teaspoon Measuring ScoopPlastic Transfer Pipettes [1ml]Plastic Chemical Mixing Spatula (x2)HDPE Plastic Pump Spray Bottle [.5 oz. / 15ml]HDPE Plastic Bottles [4 oz. / 15ml]xxIMG_4314xIMG_4319xIMG_4311xIMG_4324xIMG_ 4317

PGR Research Toolkits


The full array of precision tools we’ve put together to date. For serious plant growth research experiments.

The Basic Kit includes one each a 4 oz. HDPE Bottle1-3mg Micro Scoop, 3-7mg Micro Scoop, 8-12mg Micro Scoop, 1/13t Mini Scoop, Plastic Mixing Spatula, 1mL Plastic Transfer Pipette and a Micro Dripper Plastic Pipette.

The Deluxe Kit includes everything above along with the .5 oz. HDPE Plastic Pump Spray Bottle and a Micro Syringe & Tip Set.

Ordering Options:
1 Basic Toolkit | 1 Deluxe Toolkit


Additional Information


1 Basic Toolkit, 1 Deluxe Toolkit

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