Sodium 5-Nitroguaiacolate [Plant Biostimulant]


A single compound Nitrophenolate. While Atonik is the best known ideal Nitrophenolate blend, it’s a compound of 3 different Nitrophenolates so Molar Units specific research is difficult at best. Nitrophenolates are naturally occurring compounds that act as plant health boosting antioxidant precursors, which aren’t hormones, and boost plant growth in every species there exists scientific literature for (by up to 50% that we’ve noted).


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Converting Sodium 5-Nitroguaiacolate Between PPM / mg/l / % / mMol / µMol:

Sodium 5-Nitroguaiacolate Precision Conversion Table

When applied to plants, this nitrophenolate is rapidly converted to other chemicals naturally found in plants. It is often used in cotton, sugar beet, rice and soy crops. Researchers have proposed that these active ingredients stimulate plant growth by altering the activity of two specific enzymes found in plants.

This nitrophenolate occurs naturally in plants, where they act as growth regulators. When used as growth enhancers, this substance does not present any known risks to humans or the environment. No adverse effects to humans are expected from use of pesticide products containing this nitrophenolate. First, plants rapidly convert it to other harmless natural substances. Second, the tiny amounts applied to crops do not affect the exposure of people who eat the treated crops. (In high concentrations, these nitrophenolates are eye irritants.)” –EPA


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